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Changsha Municipal Committee of the Standing Committee, the secretary of the Organization Department Luo Zhuji line...


On the afternoon of June 17th, Luo Zhuji, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Committee and Director of the Organization Department, visited our hospital for investigation.

Wang Renxiang, Deputy director of the Provincial Education Department, visited our institute for investigation


On the afternoon of May 30, Wang Renxiang, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, came to our hospital to investigate and guide the work. Xie GUI, deputy director of the Office of Achievement of the Provincial Department of Education...

Xiao Zhengbo, Deputy mayor of Changsha Municipal People's Government, came to the school to investigate


On March 16, Xiao Zhengbo, deputy mayor of Changsha Municipal People's Government, visited our school for investigation and made requirements for epidemic prevention and control。市委…

To work together to develop a strong &STRONG PROGRAM to the future


On March 12th, the first meeting of the fifth Congress of Faculty and Staff representatives and trade union members was held.

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