With 6175 candidates for reference, the number of single applicants reached a new high

Release time: 2021-03-25 Author: Liang Wenlong Source: Career Admissions Office Editing by Feng Wanying Reviewer: Liao Minghui Number of hits:

There are 2,600 individual enrollment plans, 7,445 applicants, 6,175 candidates competing for 2,600 enrollment spots in 32 majors。At 7 PM on March 24th, when the last candidate walked out of the interview room, the 2021 individual admission examination of our college was successfully completed。This year's enrollment plan only increased by 100 compared with 2020, but the number of reference increased by 1848, the number of applicants reached a record high, and the good brand effect and professional advantages of the college were highlighted。The results of the single-entry exam are expected to be released on March 26。

According to the college's single-enrollment test plan, candidates from all over Hunan Province took the "cultural Foundation Test" (computer test) and "professional skills test" (interview) from March 23 to 24.。The target of this single recruitment examination is not only the current general high school students, previous general high school students and secondary vocational graduates, but also social personnel candidates (including retired soldiers, enterprise employees, laid-off and unemployed people, new professional farmers and migrant workers).。Enrollment majors cover electronic information engineering technology, mechanical and electrical integration technology, software technology, information security technology and application, e-commerce and other 32 majors, plans to enroll 2,600 people, including social personnel candidates 150, candidates registered for some popular majors more than 4:1。

The Student Affairs Office of the Education Department of Hunan Province requires that the single-enrollment exam should be organized in strict accordance with the spirit of the documents related to individual enrollment of the Ministry of Education and the provincial Education Department, so as to ensure the fairness, fairness and openness of the exam, strictly implement the discipline of epidemic prevention and control, and ensure the orderly conduct of the single-enrollment exam。On the afternoon of March 23rd, Wei Yong and Zhao Xiao, deputy director of the General Admission Office of Hunan Education Examination Institute, visited the single admission examination site of the college to inspect and guide the single admission examination work, and praised the college group examination work。

Our college attaches great importance to this single admission examination,In accordance with the spirit of national vocational education reform and enrollment expansion,According to the relevant requirements of Hunan Provincial Education Department and Hunan Provincial Education Examination Institute documents,Combined with the actual situation of the college,The whole process of examination organization, examination organization, examination work, epidemic prevention and control, publicity and reporting, and discipline supervision shall be checked at various levels。The Ministry of Education will resolutely implement the "ten prohibitions" and "thirty prohibitions" on enrollment and the "ten disclosure" requirements on enrollment information,In particular, the discipline inspection commission of the college is required to conduct all-round supervision over each link of the individual enrollment work,In particular, the whole process of examination, admission and other key links should be supervised,And timely accept complaints and reports involving violations of enrollment policies, regulations and disciplinary issues,Effectively implement the "Sunshine Project" in enrollment。

During the single-enrollment exam, Zhao Xingzhou, secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Chen Jianmao, president and other leaders of the college go to the front line to conduct on-the-spot inspection and guidance, demanding that both the single-enrollment exam and regular epidemic prevention be done。The epidemic prevention and control and safety working group has formulated epidemic prevention and control work plans and emergency response plans during the examination period. Relevant departments have arranged examination rooms in advance, and done a good job of epidemic prevention, disinfection and ventilation on campus。Students will be given free masks and parents will be given free rest and meals。Yin, a student from Shaoyang, applied for the major of Animation Production technology at the college. At the end of the exam, he said, "I feel that everything in the information vocational College is a little sweet. I had a free meal and ate fruit at noon。”

In 2020, Hunan Information Vocational Institute was named one of the "Top 20 Education Results" of higher vocational education in Hunan Province. The college actively implemented the strategy of "three high and four new", opened specialties and actively connected 22 industrial chains in Changsha. In recent years, the employment rate in the province has reached more than 65%。A parent surnamed Hu from Pingjiang said, "My son applied for the electronic Information engineering and technology major. I hope he can get a job in Changsha based on his ability after graduation。”

In this single enrollment examination, the College takes the first major submitted by the examinee as the valid major。Based on the reference number of fresh general high school students, previous general high school students and secondary vocational students, the admission ratio should be the same in principle. The general single enrollment plan and the social personnel single enrollment plan can be adjusted according to the actual number of applicants。According to the principle of university preference, candidates from high scores to low scores will be admitted, with the same total scores, according to the Chinese, math and English scores in order。

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