Our school held a ceremony to celebrate the 37th Teacher's Day and commendation

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9月10日,Our hospital held in the multifunctional lecture hall "Ceaseless one hundred years of original heart,Take on the mission of Education "to celebrate the 37th Teachers' Day and recognition conference,To honor a group of hard-working people who have set an example in teaching, research, management and service,Inspire faculty and staff to stand on their posts,Work passion to achieve first-class performance,To promote the sound and rapid development of the college。He Daigui, Secretary of the Party Committee, and Chen Jianmao, president of the College, attended the conference. Su Jixie, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, presided over the conference, and all the school's leading group, commended groups, individuals, and faculty members attended the conference。

In the magnificent national anthem, the celebration of the 37th Teachers' Day and recognition ceremony kicked off。11 excellent teachers of the college,6 outstanding counselors,10 outstanding educators,There were 20 advanced individuals in diagnosis and reform review, 22 excellent projects in diagnosis and reform review, and 6 excellent individuals in diagnosis and reform review,36 winners of Hunan Teaching Ability Competition,7 winners of the Essay Competition of "Good Teachers Around" in the Construction Year of Teachers' Morality and Style in Hunan Province,2 winners of Hunan Ideological and Political Theory Course Teaching Exhibition Activity,1 winner of the "Teacher Spirit Mirroring the Party Flag" Hunan Teachers' Ethics and Style Speech Contest,Seventy-nine winners of the college teaching ability competition were commended and awarded。

He Daigui, Secretary of the Party Committee, delivered a speech entitled "Dedicating Education to Serving the Nation's Original Aspiration, bravely undertaking the Mission of reform and Innovation - Striving to promote the realization of the College's" Three Key Goals"。On behalf of the Party Committee and administration of the college, he extended holiday greetings to all the faculty and staff, welcomed the new faculty and staff to join the big family of Xiangxin College, and extended warm congratulations to the advanced collectives and outstanding individuals in all fronts and positions honored。He pointed out that the theme of this year's Teachers' Day is "continuance of the original aspiration of a century, undertaking the mission of educating people", which is not only the combination and continuation of Party history learning and education, but also full of the historical mission given to teachers by the Party and the people and the great trust of The Times。他勉励全体教师,赓续共产党人精神血脉,做党史学习的排头兵;涵养为师从教之德,做崇尚师德的践行者;潜心教书育人,做职教改革的实干家;同心同向,做矢志前行的奋斗者。He expected that all the faculty and staff of the school would not forget the original intention of cultivating people by virtue, bravely bear the mission of educating people for the Party and the country, rise from the wind and live in the new life, and devote themselves enthusiastically to the reform and development of the school, and actively contribute to the construction of a local application-oriented high-level college with distinctive characteristics。

院长陈剑旄在大会上作了《新时代需要守正道、务根本、强本领的“大先生”》的主题讲话。He extended holiday congratulations and high respect to all the staff who have worked hard in teaching, scientific research, management and service and to the retired comrades who have made positive contributions to the reform and development of the university。He reviewed the main achievements in the construction of our faculty in the past year from the aspects of education and teaching, quality diagnosis and reform, skills competition, employment and enrollment, and also put forward ardent requirements for all the faculty and staff。He proposed,All teachers should stick to the original aspiration of moral education,With great love, follow the road, build great virtue,做一粒教育的“好种子”;要务教书育人根本,Preach and enlighten,成为塑造学生品格、品行、品味的“大先生”;要强从教本领,Teach by example, respect teachers and love students,To achieve the state of teaching without words,To be a "Mr. Big" who adheres to the right path, takes fundamental matters and has strong abilities in the new era.,To present a "new era" to the satisfaction of the party and the people,Why as a teacher "answer sheet。

In 2021, the first batch of newly enrolled staff solemnly swore an oath under the leadership of the Director of Personnel Department, which opened the prelude to their dedication to the education career and made a vow to the education career。Qin Ziling, the representative of the new teachers, and Zhang Pinghua, the representative of the outstanding teachers, made a speech on the stage successively。

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Party Secretary He Daigui speech

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The first batch of new teachers in 2021 solemnly swore an oath

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