The deputy mayor of Changsha City People's Government Xiao Zhengbo came to the school for research

Published: 2022-03-17 Author: Xiong Yong and Liu Jie Source: Party Administration Office Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

On March 16, Xiao Zhengbo, deputy mayor of Changsha City People's Government, visited our school and made requirements on epidemic prevention and control work。Municipal Organization Department (Municipal Talent Office), Municipal Compilation Office, Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Municipal Justice Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Municipal Natural Resources Planning Bureau, Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau, Municipal Research Office, Wangcheng District Government, Changsha Property and Investment Group, Changsha Public Engineering Construction Center and other relevant comrades participated。Party Secretary He Daigui, President Chen Jianmao and other hospital leaders participated in the survey。

Xiao Zhengbo and his delegation fully listened to the report of the school。

The college has always adhered to the socialist direction of running a school and carried out the fundamental task of promoting morality and cultivating people。After being transferred from Hunan Provincial Economic and Information Commission to Changsha Municipal Government in 2017, the political construction of the Party of the College has been continuously strengthened, its governance efficiency has been continuously improved, its connotation construction has been fruitful, and the layout of disciplines has been continuously optimized。Our hospital is closely connected with 22 industrial chains in Changsha City,Keep up with the new generation of information technology industry,It has formed 35 specialties and 6 specialties,2021 One of the Top 20 Education Achievements of Hunan Higher Vocational Colleges,It has been awarded as "Excellent Unit of Hunan University Graduates' Employment Project" (Supervision) for five consecutive times。Our college has become the first city-owned vocational college with the largest scale, the highest degree of fit between major and industry, and the highest local employment rate。The College will go all out to implement the "three key objectives" set by the Third Party Congress, and lead the high-quality development of the college with the "three key objectives", and make new contributions to the strategic positioning and mission of serving the "strong provincial capital" strategy and "three high and four new"。

Xiao Zhengbo fully affirmed the school's achievements of fast development, good employment situation and great local contribution。He stressed the construction of vocational colleges with distinctive characteristicsWe should speed up the construction of new campusesTo constantly improve students' basic conditions of study and life and teaching infrastructure, meet the basic needs of running schools, and promote the steady and healthy development of the college;We will accelerate the integration of industry and educationGuided by the new development concept, improve the quality of education and teaching, take the initiative to adapt to the economic development needs of Hunan Province and Changsha City, earnestly implement the "build the major on the industrial chain", and improve the ability to serve the local economy;We should do a good job in training personnelTo further optimize the talent training mode of "university cooperation, combination of work and study, and integration of dual certificates", combine skill training with employment needs, and cultivate high-quality and appropriate scale technical skills talents to meet the needs of society。He called for high attention to epidemic prevention and control on campus, nucleic acid testing and screening to eliminate potential risks and ensure the safety and stability of teachers and students on campus。

Xiao Zhengbo and his delegation also visited the school's achievements exhibition, 3D printing and other practice laboratories, to learn about the school's history, teaching and research, social services, school-enterprise cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural inheritance and innovation and other basic information。

Xiao Zhengbo, Vice Mayor of Changsha City People's Government visited the school's achievements exhibition

Visit the 3D printing lab

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