Two excellent courses of our college have been selected into the proposed recommended list of National Excellent online Courses of vocational education in 2022

Published date: 2022-09-29 Author: Gao Ting Source: Academic Affairs Office Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

日前,The education Department of Hunan Province has released the Notice on the proposed recommendation List of National Online Excellent Courses of Vocational Education in 2022.,Electronic Design Automation Technology by Teacher Zhang Pinghua and C Language Programming by teacher Peng Shunsheng were selected,The province a total of 43 vocational courses selected,The number of our college is the first phalanx of vocational colleges in the province。The selection of the above two courses is a concentrated reflection of the characteristics and achievements of our school's curriculum construction and education and teaching reform。

The construction and application of fine online open courses in our college has become a good trend. There are 23 provincial fine online open courses and 13 municipal fine online courses网络共享课程,74 college quality online open courses,Seven courses have been launched on the national Smart Education Platform,Fifty-six courses are available on the Xueyin online platform,The total number of students enrolled in courses reached 302,282。

The School will continue to focus on the construction, use, learning and management of high-quality open online courses, vigorously promote the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, further promote the reform of online and offline mixed teaching mode, create more "golden courses", and constantly improve the effectiveness of classroom teaching and the quality of talent training。

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