Build the foundation of credit to build an honest society

-- Study and publicize Hunan Social Credit Regulations by taking multiple Measures simultaneously

Published date: 2022-09-29 Author: He Sixi Source: Propaganda United Front Work Department Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

The Regulations of Hunan Province on Social Credit (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) shall come into force on September 1, 2022。In order to strengthen the foundation of social integrity construction, improve the level of social credit, so that the legal concept of credit deeply rooted in the heart, to create a strong atmosphere of "learning regulations, using regulations, keeping regulations"。Our school has taken active action to carry out a series of publicity activities on the theme of the Regulations。

generics。Since the date of receipt of the document, the college will play the propaganda slogans of the Regulations through the electronic screen, hang the propaganda boards of the full text of the Regulations, so as to ensure that everyone knows and all staff are covered, and no blind corners are left. The college will forward the full text of the Regulations on the wechat official account of the college, in order to提升学院师生对《条例》的知晓率,To encourage teachers, students and third party service staff to study the Ordinance on their own,Vigorously build "Study and implement" Hunan Social Credit Regulations",Build honest and trustworthy social environment together "good publicity atmosphere。

Leadership doctrine。The leadership of the college attaches great importance to the study and publicity of the Regulations, adheres to high standards and strict requirements, and does a good job in all aspects of the study and publicity of the Regulations。Grasp the "key minority", in order to give full play to the leading cadres' example and demonstration effect, actively create the "head goose" pilot "group goose" take off the secretary atmosphere。

Concentrated histology。On September 27, all secondary colleges held a class meeting on the theme of Regulations. They focused on watching the public welfare forum of Social Credit Regulations of Hunan Province, which was hosted by Hunan Tax Association and taught by Hunan Development and Reform Commission, and studied the legislative background, introduction significance and original articles of the Regulations。After the learning activities, all the students had a big discussion on the significance and function of "Hunan Social Credit Regulations", which further deepened their understanding of the construction of social credit system。"As the contemporary college students, we should carry out Hunan credit regulations。Honesty simply means being honest and trustworthy,然而人与人之间最基础的东西就是诚实守信”;“现在社会信用太重要了,Once the promise is broken,Not only will consumption be restricted,You can't travel by train or plane,严重的还将被追究刑事责任”;“一定要严格遵守《条例》,做到诚实守信”;“言而无信,I don't know what I can do."。Students rushed to share their thoughts about study。

"Honesty, is based on the way, no faith is not standing。"Our school through a series of activities,Let everyone deeply understand the introduction of "Hunan Social credit Regulations",To build an honest society,The importance of promoting social development,Encourage people to consciously enhance the awareness of integrity,Be honest and trustworthy in your daily life,Strive to be an honest and trustworthy practitioner,Build an honest and trustworthy harmonious society together。

Third-party service personnel learn the Regulations on site

Conduct class meetings on related topics

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