College of Electronic Engineering: skills competition show style, ingenuity dream spectrum youth

Published date: 2022-09-30 Author: Cao Luyun, Shen Dandan Source: School of Electrical Engineering Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

"The skills competition more comprehensive test of our professional skills, but also firm determination to shine for the motherland's telecommunications cause。In the future, I will use my steps to measure the 'communication map' of the motherland, and become a new person worthy of the important task of national rejuvenation. I will live up to my youth, my family and my motherland."。Sponsored by the Chinese Society of Communications,In 2022, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Wuhan University and Sun Yat-sen University undertook the sixth "Jingshi IUV Cup" National College Students Modern Communication Network Deployment and Optimization Design Competition (hereinafter referred to as "Jingshi IUV Cup" Competition) and our school won two national first prizes。

"IUV Cup" is closely related to the application of information and communication industry. In recent years, it has become a highly recognized and influential competition in the industry。Hua Yanwen and Mo Zheru are engaged in the planning, design and deployment of modern communication network engineering, troubleshooting and optimization of modern communication network,Demonstrate solid theoretical knowledge, standard skill operation, good comprehensive quality,It was selected from 2,762 contestants from 302 institutions,Won the national first prize in the final。The competition was divided into two stages: preliminary and final. 10 contestants from the college participated in the preliminary and won 2 first prizes (Hua Yanwen and Mo Zheru participated in the final), 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes, with a winning rate of 80%。

This competition fully demonstrated the school's "Hunan Army of information" style,Cultivate students' innovative ability and cooperative spirit,Strengthen the practical operation ability and engineering practice training,It has practiced the school motto of "Sharing the responsibility of the family and the nation, using hands and brains",It has improved the comprehensive ability of modern information communication network design, deployment and optimization and the ability to solve complex engineering problems。Our college will continue to insist on "promoting learning and training by competition" to train more "skilled technicians" and "skilled craftsmen" to provide more intellectual support and talents support for the strategy of "strong provincial capital" to help the rapid development of information and communication industry。

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