Zheng Jianxin preached the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 12th provincial Party Congress at the Hunan Information Vocational Institute

-- Integrate personal growth into Changsha development and pursue dreams together to achieve a wonderful life

Release time: 2021-12-29 Author: Huang Ruxi Source: Changsha Evening News Editor: Liu Jie Reviewer: He Sixi Number of hits:

Zheng Jianxin, deputy secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee, mayor and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangjiang New District, Hunan Province, came to the Hunan Information Vocational Institute on Monday afternoon to preach the spirit of the Sixth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee and the 12th Provincial Party Congress。He told young teachers and students to strengthen their patriotism, strengthen their aspirations for national power, and devote themselves to serving the country. They should strengthen their ideals and beliefs, learn knowledge and skills, hone their strong will, and build a strong body, so as to become useful talents and pillars of the people, build a new journey of dreams and make contributions in a new era。Vice Mayor Zhou Zhikai attended。 In preaching,Zheng Jianxin from "how should we learn from the in-depth study of the Resolution" to make unremitting efforts ", "how should Changsha on a new starting point to take the road to the new era", "what kind of vocational education needs to be built in the new era", "how should young students be worthy of the era of the responsibility of the successor" four aspects,Made a systematic presentation and in-depth explanation to the teachers and students。

Zheng Jiaxin said that the Resolution is a compendium document shining with the brilliance of Marxist truth, and a political declaration of Chinese Communists in the new era to remember their founding mission and uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics。We should earnestly draw new strength from the Resolution to forge ahead,Firm political stance in the "two establishment",Draw spiritual strength from the Four Leaps,Learn valuable lessons from the "Ten Holds",We will strengthen our original mission in the Great Call,Lead us from "yesterday" to "tomorrow" with heroic and tenacious struggle,From the past to the future。

Zheng Jianxin pointed out that in recent years, Changsha has realized the economic aggregate of over one trillion yuan, the total population of over 10 million, the total number of market players of over one million, and the urban spatial pattern has gradually expanded。We need to see both fierce competition inside and outside the city and a golden opportunity for development。At present, the whole city is striving to build strong strength and people's happiness, first-class quality, efficient governance, ecological livable new modern Changsha。Young teachers and students should integrate their personal growth into the development of Changsha and achieve a wonderful life by pursuing their dreams together。

Zheng Jianxin stressed that vocational education shouldered the important responsibility of cultivating diverse talents, passing on technical skills and promoting employment and entrepreneurship, and had a broad future and promising prospects。Hunan Information Vocational College should combine with the actual situation of the school,Formulate implementation measures,Walk in the forefront of the Lide Tree people,Grasp ideological and political teaching with innovative ideas,引导学生爱国爱党爱人民爱家庭;要在学用相长上树立标杆,The curriculum is designed to connect with industries, parks and enterprises,培养更多实践性人才;要在产教融合上作出示范,Achieve a seamless connection from education to employment。Our young students should be patriots with lofty ideals and firm convictions, strivers with clear goals and strong will, and workers with professional skills and craftsman spirit. With a spirited attitude, they should write a glorious chapter of youth worthy of The Times。

Before the lecture, Zheng Jianxin came to the new campus of Hunan Information Vocational Institute to have an in-depth understanding of the construction of the new campus。

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