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---- The first meeting of the 5th Congress of Staff Representatives and Trade union Members was held successfully

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3月12日,The college held the first meeting of the 5th Congress of Faculty Representatives and trade union members,The leaders of the hospital were He Daigui, Chen Jianmao, Su Jixie, Wang Hucheng, Zhu Huantao, Liu Zhihong, Yu Qiugen, Yao Qingwu, Luo Shuquan, Tan Lixin, CAI Qiong, Liao Jiwang,Huang Jiankun, Party member and Vice chairman of Changsha Federation of Trade Unions, and Xie Zhihao, Working Committee of grassroots trade unions directly under Changsha attended the meeting,A total of 24 presidium members, official representatives, specially invited representatives and non-voting delegates attended the conference。

In the majestic national anthem, the conference officially began。

院长陈剑旄作了题为《从“新一轮创业”到“三大攻坚目标”启航,为建设特色鲜明的地方性应用型高水平院校接续奋斗》的工作报告。The report points out that in the past six years, the hospital has earnestly implemented the national and provincial strategic deployment and work requirements on the reform and development of vocational education, and effectively dealt with major tests and challenges such as the reform and transformation of internal and external management systems, the expansion of vocational education enrollment, and the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic。College Party committee administrative assessment of the situation, self-pressure decisively sounded the "new round of entrepreneurship",We actively created conditions and seized historic opportunities such as handing over the management of Changsha City government and project construction of the new campus,It has made many significant achievements in personnel training, scientific research, serving economic and social development, and cultural inheritance and innovation,It has accomplished a series of practical and important things that it has not done for many years,Wrote a satisfactory "answer sheet" of "a New round of Entrepreneurship",To achieve our "13th Five-Year" successful end, "14th five-year" smooth start。

He emphasized that the basic ideas, basic requirements and main tasks of the school's "14th Five-Year Plan" development should focus on the implementation of the core objectives of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the deployment of the Party Congress, the implementation of the basic requirements of the "14th Five-Year Plan" high-quality development, and the implementation of the strategic support and foundation of the "14th Five-Year Plan"。The year 2022 is the beginning of the special action to welcome, study and publicize the 20 National Congress of the CPC, the beginning of the implementation of the spirit of the provincial and Municipal Party Congress, the key year for running the school, the key year for the construction of the new campus, and the acceleration of the implementation of the spirit of the Party Congress and the "14th Five-Year Plan"。We should focus on the target task, raise the working coordinates, strive to overcome difficulties, and focus on the target layout work throughout the year。We will continue to implement the five special plans for building synergy, guiding core objectives and strategies, driving connotation and innovation, strengthening the foundation of modernization governance, and warming the heart of people's livelihood. We will abide by the Ten bottom lines and stick to the Plan to ensure three guarantees and seven stability.。To ensure the planning and coordination of school preparation。Steady progress will be made in the construction of the first and second phase of the new campus,Steadily improving the quality of personnel training,Steadily improving the quality of students,We will steadily promote high-quality employment,Keep epidemic prevention and control on a regular basis,Maintain "excellent" year-end performance evaluation,We will steadily improve the sound political environment and education environment,With outstanding achievements to meet the Party's 20 victory。

On behalf of Changsha Federation of Trade Unions, Huang Xiankun extended warm congratulations on the opening of the 5th Session of Faculty Representatives and the 1st session of Trade union Members' Congress of our Institute,He fully affirmed the great achievements the college has made in the past and the work of the college trade union in persisting in serving the overall situation of reform and development, serving the masses of the faculty, ideological and political guidance of the faculty, and the construction of the faculty,Fully emphasized the importance of holding a good "double generation meeting"。He demanded,We must always uphold the leadership of the Party,The college trade union must adhere to and obey the leadership of the Party,Implement the will and position of the Party,严守政治纪律和政治规矩;要始终坚持职工为本,Give full play to the role of deputies,Take the initiative to act,千方百计为教职员工排忧解难;要始终坚持依法依规,做到依法建会、依法管会、依法履职、依法维权;要始终坚持改革创新,时刻牢记习近平总书记对工运事业和工会工作的重要嘱托,Grasp the pulse of The Times,Actively promote trade union theory innovation, practice innovation and system innovation。

Secretary of the party committee, generation of your published titled "- ting coagulation hearts meet development energetic exerts oneself to the future"。On behalf of the Party Committee of the College, he extended warm congratulations on the successful convening of the conference and expressed heartfelt thanks to all the representatives who actively offered suggestions for the reform and development of the college。He pointed out that this conference is an important meeting held at a critical period of comprehensively implementing the spirit of the Third Party Congress of the College, further promoting the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" cause of the college and comprehensively deepening the reform and development of the college。He requested that the spirit of the meeting be implemented, the work plan of the college be deepened, and the reform and development of the school be promoted。It is necessary to condense the thoughts to the goal, unify the thoughts, gather consensus, move forward with strength and step, and guide the unity and drive the ideological consciousness of all the teachers and students in the school towards the goal of building a local application-oriented high level college with distinctive characteristics。We should follow up measures to the target, strengthen follow-up and implementation of measures, do more practical work and less empty work, and faithfully implement all our work。Resources should be pooled to the target, the consciousness of competing for resources should be established, and all kinds of resource channels inside and outside the school should be opened around the center of the college, and quality resources should be pooled to ensure the orderly promotion and effective implementation of key tasks。

He stressed the need to give full play to the role of representatives, draw the largest "concentric circles" to promote development, make contributions based on their posts, show their identity, and take the lead in demonstrating their responsibility。We should earnestly strengthen the construction of trade unions, constantly improve the capacity and level of democratic management, strengthen the construction of institutions and personnel, and promote innovation in work。It is necessary to implement the key work of the college, promote the high-quality development of the college cause, strengthen the first ability of "promoting implementation", greatly improve the first ability of "grasping reform and innovation", and constantly strengthen the first cognition of "grasping team consciousness"。

He demanded,The faculty took this meeting as a new starting point,坚持以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,Boost confidence,The heart gathers strength,Act as,Overcome difficulties,Continue to adhere to the basic concept of "three steps",Continue to focus on the "three key goals",Make steady progress in the ten strategic Support Projects and ten basic Supporting Projects,We will actively promote the college's new journey of high-quality development with practical actions,With a good mental outlook and outstanding performance to meet the victory of the Party's 20 Congress。

The conference heard the Work Report of the College, the Work Report of the Fourth Trade Union Committee, the 2021 Financial Work Report of the College, the Work report of the Fourth Funding Review Committee, and the Work report of the Fourth Proposal Committee.。The participants were divided into four delegations and had in-depth and heated discussions on the five work reports. They spoke highly of and fully affirmed the reports。The Congress elected members of the fifth Trade Union Committee, the Fund Review Committee and the Women Workers Committee, deliberated and adopted the Work Report of the College, the Work Report of the Fourth Trade Union Committee and the 2021 Financial Work Report of the College.。

The assembly in the "dream sail" in the school song closed successfully。

After the conference,The fifth trade union Committee, the trade union fund review committee, the trade union women workers committee immediately held the first meeting,Liao Jiwang was elected Chairman of the fifth Trade Union Committee of the College,Fang Yuzhen is the vice chairman,Yang Zhenggang was elected Chairman of the Fifth Trade Union Fund Review Committee,Fang Yuzhen was elected director of the Women Workers Committee of the Fifth Trade Union。

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Secretary of the party committee, generation of your meeting two phase and titled "coagulation heart energetic poly - ting development exerts oneself to the future"


Changsha City Federation of Trade Unions Party member, vice President Huang Jiankun speech

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