Wang Renxiang, deputy Director general of the Provincial Department of Education, visited our institute

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On the afternoon of May 30th,Wang Renxiang, deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Education, came to our institute for investigation and guidance,Xie Guiping, Deputy Director of the Vocational Education Department of the Provincial Department of Education, He Guoqing, fourth-level researcher of the Vocational Education Department of the Provincial Department of Education, Yang Qingjiang, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Education, and Ding Guo, Director of the Higher Education Department of the Municipal Bureau of Education accompanied the company,He Daigui, Secretary of the Party Committee of our Hospital, Chen Jianmao, president and other hospital leaders and some middle-level officials participated in the survey。

Wang Renxiang and his delegation visited the new campus of our Institute, "Robot Engineering Technology Center", "Advanced Manufacturing Technology Collaborative Innovation Center" and "Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Innovation Center", and organized a briefing。Party Secretary He Dai GUI presided over the meeting, he on the provincial Department of Education leadership busy中来校调研指导表示感谢,He said he would continue to blaze new paths and face difficulties head-on,Adhere to the connotative and high-quality development,We will deepen reform and take innovative measures,Strive to build the college into a local application-oriented high level university with distinctive characteristics,We will train more personnel with high-level technical skills,For regional economic and social development,To make greater contribution to the province's education cause。Chairman Chen Jianmao further buttresses the industry chain,打造信息特色凸显、对接产业紧密的特色专业集群;深化校企合作,助力区域经济社会发展;深化“三教改革”“岗课赛证”融通,培养高素质技术技能人才;以“双高”建设为新起点,Create information characteristic vocational education highland and other four aspects of detailed report。

Wang Renxiang fully affirmed the college's profound historical deposits, distinct professional characteristics and rich educational achievements. The school has been deeply engaged in the fields of electronic information and equipment manufacturing, and has cultivated a large number of outstanding technical talents for the emerging advantageous industries in Hunan。"Vocational education has a bright future and promising Prospects",It is hoped that the College will strengthen its confidence, take the initiative and maintain a strong momentum of development,Take the construction of "double universities" as an opportunity,Inner tree quality, outer plastic image,Actively promote the modernization of vocational education,Contribute college experience and wisdom to the construction of Hunan "vocational Education Highland",To fully implement the strategic positioning and mission of "three high and four new",In-depth implementation of the "strong provincial capital" strategy to contribute。

The college will take this investigation and investigation as an opportunity to continue to make efforts in the characteristic development of specialty groups, the collaborative promotion of production and education, the construction of quality system and other aspects, to build high, fine, special and advanced professional clusters with information characteristics, further polishing the name card of Hunan "Chuyi" vocational education, and training more high-quality technical and skilled talents with "Hunan brand"。

Briefing meeting

Provincial Education Department Deputy Director Wang Renxiang speech

Wang Renxiang and his delegation visited the Artificial Intelligence Technology Application Innovation Center of our institute

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